After-sales service

Philotrans does everything in its power to provide a fast, professional after-sales service.

If you have any doubts, or if translation, proofreading or revision work is disputed, either by a colleague, a customer or an external third party, our after-sales team immediately takes over to deal with the matter.

As translation is primarily a human activity, the choice of one or more words or even the relevance of a translation may occasionally be called into question. This usually starts with a laconic "the translation is good …" and without rapid clarification this problem can adversely affect not only your personal credibility in your company but also, in an indirect way, your entire communication process.

Your initial reaction should be to ask the person who is criticising or questioning the translation to provide you with some specific examples, together with suggested corrections, and to inform us of this as quickly as possible.

Despite the great care we take in handling your documents, human error is of course always possible but in the large majority of cases it is simply an issue of linguistic preferences, in other words, a question of style.

Regional dialects should also not be underestimated and are often the subject of interminable discussion … hence the advantage of using a linguist who can make the right decision with full knowledge of the facts.

Other types of problems arise simply from changes in the spoken and/or written language, in particular through grammatical, linguistic and/or spelling reforms. Our translators take these into account because it is their job to do so and as a result they are the first to be informed, … but it may also of course be a case of a person who is simply not yet aware of such changes. This does not necessarily mean the translation is "bad", quite the contrary.

For all these reasons, it may even be that our translators suggest terminology that is even more relevant than what we have been provided with in the original text.

To sum up, if you have any doubts in relation to any of the work we do or if you want to have existing translations revised, for example websites, agreements, brochures, technical instructions, etc., do not hesitate to contact us in order to clarify the situation and thus avoid unresolved questions or bad feeling.