Why choose Philotrans?

The Philotrans team has specific assets and strengths, particularly in the following areas:

Your documents are given added value through the rigorous selection of translators, not only on the basis of their linguistic combinations but also in terms of their experience and sector-specific specialisation in the following fields:

finance, banking, insurance, labour law, construction, distribution, service industries, chemistry, pharmacology, biopharmaceuticals, dietetics, cosmetics, heavy industry, precision engineering, OEMs, railways, the automotive sector, aeronautics, sales & marketing, event organisation, sports, literature, IT, food-processing, food & drink, energy, waste management, arts & culture, museums, housing, architecture, new technologies, spin-offs, telecommunications, media, property, etc.

Accuracy, subtlety of meaning and above all the spirit of the source language will be perfectly respected as a document is transposed into the target language, thus imbuing it with the qualities essential to faithfully reflect the original message.